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sausage and mushroom pasta on a white plate
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Tagliatelle Pasta with Mushrooms and Sausage

This recipe comes from Cook Italy, where i had the opportunity to learn to make two different pasta dishes from Carmelita. This sausage and mushroom pasta served with freshly made tagliatelle was divine! Be sure to try this farfalle pasta with zucchini and ham, too. The tagliatelle pasta for this recipe was made fresh, right […]

polenta with ragu
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Creamy Polenta Recipe Served up Three Ways

This classic polenta recipe can be served straight out of the pot as a creamy polenta recipe, or used to make fried or grilled polenta. It would be excellent served with this hueveos rancheros recipe! What is polenta? Now, don’t be worried if you don’t know! I had never heard of polenta until I married […]

gnocchi in a bowl
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42+ Delicious Italian Recipes to Savor at Home

When you can’t get to Italy, bring the flavor of your favorite destination home with these tasty Italian recipes! From savory meals to indulgent desserts, you’ll find something here to make your taste buds swoon. Vino rosa optional. Heading to Italy? Check out 30 things to know before you go. Italian recipes for your table […]

slice of southern cornbread
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Delicious Southern-Style Cornbread Recipe

This rustic southern cornbread is cooked in a cast-iron skillet for a crispy crumb. It’s going to make your mouth so happy! You might want to serve it with this sweet potato black bean chili. What is a true southern cornbread? Ask a hundred people and you’ll get a hundred different answers as to what […]

pizza in italy is topped with fresh ingredients

30+ Things to Know When Visiting Italy

When visiting a new country for the first time, it’s understandable to find yourself uncertain about local customs. While we found the Italian people to be very accommodating when visiting Italy, I’m sure there were at least a couple times that they shook their head in consternation over our cluelessness! Here are some quick tips […]

waffles with a scoop of applesauce on a white plate

Applesauce Waffles

These fluffy applesauce waffles are moist and lightly sweet. With no added sugar, they’re a healthy breakfast option the whole family will love. Be sure to give these pumpkin spice waffles a try, too! Making these applesauce waffles The addition of applesauce means you’re getting a serving of fruit in your breakfast meal, right? Trust […]


Hawaii’s Best Eats: What to Try When You Stay

Hawaii has a multitude of delicious high-end dining options, but some of the best food in Hawaii is casual fare. Be sure to check out this Quick Food Guide to Italy, too! Sample the best food in Hawaii We’re not talking five-star, Michelin rated restaurants, here. Sure, those fancy meals are delicious and you’ll probably […]