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Whether you’re creating a Cinco de Mayo menu or just need a flavorful addition to spice up the meal rotation, these Mexican food dishes are just the thing.

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white tray of shredded pork for carnitas

When it comes to recipes absolutely packed with flavor, Mexican cuisine can’t be beat.

Of course, the options that show up on many Cinco de Mayo menus may not be exactly authentic Mexican fare. And that’s okay — if you love Cheez-Whiz nachos, dig in my friend. Just know that they’re not really traditional Mexican food dishes. Nor, probably, are some of the recipes below. But with wholesome ingredients and inspiration from south of the border, they’re all great options for celebrating our love of Mexico — and Mexican food — from home.

The recipes below offer a little something for everyone. From dips and salsas to enjoy with your favorite tortilla chips to comfort food options and dessert, you’ll find at least one recipe that deserves a place on the table. Let’s not limit Cinco de Mayo food to just a single day out of the year!

Delicious appetizers with a Mexican flair

If you're like me, your favorite part of enjoying a meal of Mexican food may very well be the appetizers. The salty, spicy flavors of salsa and guacamole draw me in and make me want more. A little appetizer buffet full of Mexican-inspired nibbles and a frosty margarita and I'm a happy camper.

Meal inspiration from south of the border

These meals and hearty side dishes offer up a selection of flavors for your table. With fresh ingredients and flavorful seasonings, these recipes are destined to become favorites for you and your family.

fajitas from above

Margaritas galore!

If you like to relax with a refreshing cocktail before dinner (with some of those delicious appetizers, of course!), these margarita recipes are a perfect way to delight in Mexican tequila. Enjoy them as part of your Cinco de Mayo menu or any time of year!

Desserts from south of the border

Hearty Mexican meals often leave diners full to the brim as it were. But if you've spared a little room for dessert, these options won't disappoint. Cakes, cookies, and fried dough delights await your sweet tooth!

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