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easy adobo chicken on a rectangular white plate
Dinner, World Food

How to Make Adobo Chicken at Home in the Instant Pot

The unofficial “official” dish of the Philippines, meat stewed in an adobo sauce is tender and flavorful. This easy adobo chicken recipe uses chicken thighs and comes together quickly in an Instant Pot. Love your Instant Pot? Be sure to try these easy Thai peanut noodles! The lemon juice and vinegar give this dish a […]

waffles with a scoop of applesauce on a white plate

Applesauce Waffles

These fluffy applesauce waffles are moist and lightly sweet. With no added sugar, they’re a healthy breakfast option the whole family will love. Be sure to give these pumpkin spice waffles a try, too! Making these applesauce waffles The addition of applesauce means you’re getting a serving of fruit in your breakfast meal, right? Trust […]


Hawaii’s Best Eats: What to Try When You Stay

Hawaii has a multitude of delicious high-end dining options, but some of the best food in Hawaii is casual fare. Be sure to check out this Quick Food Guide to Italy, too! Sample the best food in Hawaii We’re not talking five-star, Michelin rated restaurants, here. Sure, those fancy meals are delicious and you’ll probably […]

sardines on crusty bread with a cherry tomato

7 Popular Foods We Tried in Portugal (And One We Didn’t)

My mom learned to cook at the hand of her Portuguese mom, a second-generation American. She’s a great cook but when we had the opportunity to visit Portugal — Lisbon and Porto — one of our goals was to experience traditional Portuguese food as it’s cooked in our ancestral lands. Love traveling and tasting the […]

sweet potato black bean chili in a earthenware bowl

I Can’t Believe it’s Vegan Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili

Looking for a hearty meal that will please both the carnivores and the vegans at the dinner table? Try this sweet potato black bean chili! It’s perfect for Meatless Monday! Love your Instant Pot? Be sure to try these Thai peanut noodles, too! Who wants to cook after a long day at work? Amirite?? I […]

pumpkin creme brulee in white dishes from above

Easy Pumpkin Crème Brulee Recipe

Do you remember the first time you slipped your spoon through the crispy crust of creme brulee? Divine, right? This pumpkin creme brulee recipe offers up all that and MORE. Try these Greek loukoumades, too! Break the crust of sugar on the top of this pumpkin creme brulee and you’ll find the flavors of fall. […]

porcelain pot pouring light yellow liquid

Visiting Hawaii’s Mauna Kea Tea Farm on the Hamakua Coast

Way back when I was in high school I worked at a nursery. A customer came in looking for Camellia sinensis, a beautiful plant that grows well in shade and produces a pretty little flower. I knew it well. It’s not something I’d have suspected a tea farm would grow, though. For an entirely different […]

homemade peach pie

Fresh Peach Pie Recipe – Homemade Goodness!

This homemade peach pie takes advantage of the abundance of summertime fresh fruit. If you live in peach country (hello, Georgia!) do yourself a favor and make at least one peach pie with fresh peaches when they’re in season! How to make homemade peach pie Of course, there are numerous variations on making peach pies. […]

farfalle pasta with zucchini and ham on a white plate
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Italian Farfalle Pasta (Bowtie Pasta) with Zucchini and Ham

This farfalle pasta topped with a light zucchini and ham “condimento” is a delicious recipe straight from Italy, courtesy of Carmelita at Cook Italy and is shared with permission. A half-day cooking class with Carmelita introduced us to the possibilities in Bologna. And by that I mean the fresh possibilities. Before we even began cooking, […]