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pizza in italy is topped with fresh ingredients

30+ Things to Know When Visiting Italy

When visiting a new country for the first time, it’s understandable to find yourself uncertain about local customs. While we found the Italian people to be very accommodating when visiting Italy, I’m sure there were at least a couple times that they shook their head in consternation over our cluelessness! Here are some quick tips […]


Hawaii’s Best Eats: What to Try When You Stay

Hawaii has a multitude of delicious high-end dining options, but some of the best food in Hawaii is casual fare. Be sure to check out this Quick Food Guide to Italy, too! Sample the best food in Hawaii We’re not talking five-star, Michelin rated restaurants, here. Sure, those fancy meals are delicious and you’ll probably […]

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7 Popular Foods We Tried in Portugal (And One We Didn’t)

My mom learned to cook at the hand of her Portuguese mom, a second-generation American. She’s a great cook but when we had the opportunity to visit Portugal — Lisbon and Porto — one of our goals was to experience traditional Portuguese food as it’s cooked in our ancestral lands. Love traveling and tasting the […]

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Visiting Hawaii’s Mauna Kea Tea Farm on the Hamakua Coast

Way back when I was in high school I worked at a nursery. A customer came in looking for Camellia sinensis, a beautiful plant that grows well in shade and produces a pretty little flower. I knew it well. It’s not something I’d have suspected a tea farm would grow, though. For an entirely different […]

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How to Make Italian Pasta from Scratch

Making homemade pasta from scratch results in a far superior meal. Shape this Italian pasta dough recipe as farfalle, tagliatelle, or use the pasta sheets in homemade lasagna.  Check out these 30 things to know when visiting Italy, too! Semolina is the flour of choice for making the best pasta noodles, right? Well, talk to […]

salami in Italy
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A Quick Guide to Food in Italy: What to Expect

In the end, one of our biggest takeaways from Italy was something that we’ve come to know right at home: Food matters. Food in Italy takes center stage, and eating in Italy will make you wonder at the standard American diet. Check out these 30 things to know when visiting Italy, too! Certainly my family is […]