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thai coconut soup in a white bowl
Main Course, World Food

Thai Coconut Soup with Peanuts

When a husband swears this is the best soup he’s ever had, you mark that up as a winner. This Thai coconut soup is rich and creamy and perfect for a fast meal. Or try this Sicilian fish stew for another delicious bowl full! We’re lucky in this era that even if we’ve never had […]

artichoke salad
Dinner, World Food

Try this Easy Sicilian Roasted Artichoke Salad

This easy artichoke salad is perfect for a main course vegetarian salad or served alongside grilled chicken or fish for the omnivores. You might want to accompany it with grilled polenta. When it comes to simple, wholesome, delicious food, the Italians rise to the top. This Sicilian-style artichoke salad calls for ready-to-use artichoke hearts. Don’t […]

Greek Loukoumades ON A white plate
Dessert, World Food

Greek Loukoumades, aka Honey Puffs or Greek Doughnuts

Serve these Greek donuts — Loukoumades — with a drizzle of honey, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and some toasted walnuts. This easy lemon cranberry cake loaf is pretty danged good, too! Greek loukoumades recipe Sometimes referred to as lokma, these doughnuts are popular in Turkey, Egypt, and Greece. Some say these sweet Greek donuts were […]