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Dreaming of traveling to Mexico? Take note of the food in Mexico that hits the must-try list to sample on your trip!

Try some of these Mexican food recipes while you’re waiting to head south of the border.

Food forms an important part in the social and cultural traditions of Mexico. Apart from being a prominent vacation destination, Mexico is a haven for food lovers as well.

If you are lucky enough to visit this beautiful country, make sure you spend time trying out the fabulous flavors available to diners. These are some of the best local foods to sample when you get to Mexico. And remember, flavors may vary by region!

3 fish tacos from above

Tacos are THE food in Mexico to try

This well-loved Mexican food is basically a wheat or corn tortilla stuffed with different fillings and rolled to hold the ingredients inside. Known the world over, a taco can contain chicken, beef, vegetables, seafood, or cheese. Tacos are often garnished with cilantro, salsa, onions, lettuce, or tomato.

Make sure to sample a taco (or three) while you’re visiting, to compare it to your favorite at home.

Taco recipes to try at home:

Mexican meal with a quesadilla on a plate


A traditional Mexican Quesadilla consists of a cheese stuffed tortilla, which is then cooked till the cheese is fully melted. To enhance the taste, quesadillas are often served with a variety of sauces, cream, and chopped onions. In addition to cheese a quesadilla can include vegetables, beans, or even cooked meat.


Enmoladas are similar to enchiladas, featuring rolled corn tortillas filled with meats and cheese. Rather than the chile sauce served with more familiar enchiladas, enmoladas feature a mole sauce  and garnished with cheese or sesame seeds. This dish is a delicacy of the Oaxaca region.

Try these enmolada recipes while you’re dreaming of your vacation in Mexico:

chicken pozole in a white bowl topped with radishes


This hearty maize-based soup is made by simmering red chiles, spices, tomato, and meat. Try this chicken pozole recipe at home and garnish it with red cabbage. This traditional dish is usually prepared during a special event, but it’s easy enough to pull together any day of the week.


Tortas is the name given to a typical Mexican sandwich. It can be eaten cold but the grilled or pressed versions are something special. The main ingredient is the bread — ideally either bolillo or telera, two of the iconic varieties made in Mexico. Fillings can be a combination of vegetables and meat.

Try your hand at making homemade tortas with these recipes:

elote or corn on the cob in a stack with cut limes

Elote (street corn)

You’ll find this corn on the cob available from street vendors selling “fast” food in Mexico. Grilled and served on a stick or in a cup with the kernels cut off, you can expect it to be served with toppings like salt, chile powder, lime, butter, cheese, mayonnaise, and sour cream.


This salsa staple, a favorite of the Mayans, aptly fits the description as a core Mexican food. This roasted tomato and chili salsa, a chiltomate, with a sweet and spicy flavor exemplifies the excellency of simple Mayan cuisine. Try it at home with this recipe.

Cemita Poblana

A signature sandwich based in the Puebla region, southeast of Mexico City, is an exceptional dish. First the bread roll needs to be soft and studded with sesame seeds. Secondly the stuffing should be essential fried pork cutlets. Lastly, additional fillings could be onions, sliced avocado, peppers, and salsa roja.

Try these cemita poblana recipes while you’re dreaming of Mexico:

burrito on a plate with beans


A flour tortilla commonly filled with a mixture of Mexican rice, beans, and meat, burritos are without doubt, are a favorite of the locals.

Try these homemade burritos:

Flavorful food in Mexico

Eating your way through the country – I mean, is there a better way to travel?—gives one an insight on the food culture of the place. While the history of Mexico can be experienced in many ways, nothing can compare with the culinary diversity of the food of this country. The foods of Mexico are an inspiration to home chefs!

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